Every Party has a Pooper!


This week, the world witnessed an event of enormous magnitude. Egyptians has given the world a great lesson in People revolution. The march to Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the protests, for the past weeks of the revolution, which began on January 25 2011, and ended unexpectedly on February 11 2011, with a resounding victory.

But there were some unpleasant scenes, witnessed by the world, along the way, on their television sets. Some of which include a peaceful looking demonstrator, caught on camera, cold-bloodedly gunned down,108632956CH052_PRO_MUBARAK_.standalone.prod_affiliate.4 or the protestors being run down by a Stolen US Diplomatic Vehicle, and in one case a Speeding Police Vehicle crashing into protestors. Perhaps the most defining of the images coming out of Egypt, was that of Pro-Mubarak brigade, on horseback and Camel tops, charging through the protestors with sticks and lashes.

Now that President Hosni Mubarak has left office, there are many journalist covering the aftermath of the events. While most of the people seem genuinely happy at the prospect of democracy and freedom after a long 3 decades of repressive regime, others not quite so. The last thing Egyptians would want is two different voices coming out of their country. It makes the whole sweet taste of victory, a little bitter. One hopes, Egyptians fill in the gaps in their Point of Views, and find common ground. What will be the prospects of Egyptians, if they cant be united in such a significant event on their country? The whole struggle and victory will be more complete, if the two warring parties join hands, and together they rebuild their country and their lives. Otherwise, the whole victory will be a bane, and might lead the country into a complete anarchy, which would be heart-breaking!

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Meherbaan Kadardaan, Namaste to you. So, I am starting a blog, and I have no clue how to go about it. Hence will take it along as it comes.

I am sitting here and wondering, if this is a big mistake? Do I have any idea, how to go about this? Honestly, NO. But I do have some of the principles clear in my head.

  • One, I will take it as a journal entry, even if no one reads this pathetic rant of a blog.
  • Two, I have opinions. Like everyone out there on Twitter and numerous other Blogs like this, I have one too, with a free add-on of frustration, directed most of the time at politicians of our country. Opinions & Frustrations, Good Mix, huh??
  • Three, This isn’t about me. My life’s nowhere interesting enough to be documented. It is however about “my” opinions about everything else.
  • Lastly, it gives me something on the side to do, look at it as my pet project.

So there you go, hoping to remain committed to it. I hate quitting things, halfway. May God Bless Me!


Meerbaan Kadardaan, Namaste to you. So, I am starting a blog, and I have no clue how to go about it.
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